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Landscaping Eastern Suburbs SydneyTurfing Your Garden – How to Maintain New Turf

* Ensure that your new turf receives plenty of water, the turf should be moist but not wet. Depending on the season your turf may need to be watered daily.

* Do not feed new turf till there are obvious signs of new growth, and even then fertiliser should be used sparingly.

* Do not mow your lawn till there is signs of new growth, and make sure your first mowing is on a high setting.

* With regular water your new turf will settle in and establish within 6-12 weeks depending on the season.

* There is no problem walking on your new turf but avoid heavy traffic.

* Top dressing with organic top soil will make the lines between turf rolls disappear more quickly, this can be done once the turf has established.

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