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Tropical Oasis Garden Northern Beaches Balinese Style

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Freshwater/Manly Garden. Garden Makeover Photos. Here are a series of before and after garden photos of one of our landscaping jobs showing photos of before the landscape work commenced, during construction of the garden and photos of the finished landscape.

Client Brief

Design a tropical oasis in this beachside back yard. The client wanted the space to feel private, intimate and larger. They also wanted some storage space and a relaxation nook. We used a few visual tricks to create a larger feeling space, dense planting of narrow garden beds helped to hide the boundary fences and give the feeling of continuation. We added a small Balinese style pergola to create a pull factor into the backyard as well as give privacy from the rear neighbours. A small water feature was also incorporated to add the gentle sound of water trickling in the garden.


Garden-Before-150x150 Before-Garden-Photos-150x150 Landscape-Before-150x150


northern beaches landscaping sydney balinese garden pergola pavilion sydney balinese garden northern beaches Garden After Landscaping

Key Features
Tropical Garden Design
Palms – Kentia and Bangalow
Contrasting Foliage Design
Gazebo and Bamboo cladding
Rustic Garden Seat
Edible Garden Plants including citrus
Native grasses
Glossy, Lush foliage plants and flowers
Automatic Irrigation
Low voltage lighting
Fire pit

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