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Australian Native Courtyard Garden

australian native garden sydney

Leichhardt/Rozelle Garden Inner West Sydney. Here are a series of before and after garden photos of one of our landscaping jobs showing photos of before the landscape work commenced, during construction of the garden and photos of the finished landscape.

Client Brief

Design an environmentally friendly Australian native garden that is full of elements to attractive native wildlife such as lizard, birds and insects. The space was relatively small, so needed to be opened up and the structural and planting elements needed to be layered to give the illusion of a larger courtyard. Crushed granite was used as the main ‘paving’ material and a water feature was incorporated to attract frogs and birds. A wide variety of native and in particular Sydney native plants were used in the garden.

Before courtyard sydney before afterAfter

australian native garden landscape afteraustralian native garden sydneybush landscape after landscaping

Key Features
Australian Native Garden Design
Overflowing Water Bowl and Pond Water Feature
Contrasting Foliage Design
Low recycled brick retaining walls.
Rustic Garden Seat Casual seating areas.
Wildlife attracting elements and plants
Native grasses
Glossy, Lush foliage plants and flowers
Automatic Irrigation

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