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Dave Limburg is the owner and head landscape designer at Peaceful Landscapes. Dave has a strong passion for creating unique landscape gardens, with a strong sense of place, appropriate for the surrounding house and environment.

Dave studied a Horticulture certificate III and Horticulture Diploma in Landscaping at Meadowbank/Ryde Tafe NSW. He also studied at the Australian Correspondence school, completing a certificate in Landscape Design. Along with formal studies, Dave has an extensive library of landscaping books – hand selecting ideas and concepts to use in future gardens. Dave also loves exploring the gardens of others – colleagues, renowned garden designers as well as home garden enthusiasts.

Dave has a strong passion for the Japanese aesthetic. Working for a Japanese Garden/Landscape company for several years helped to cement his love of the Japanese design principles. He has traveled around Japan on garden tours, experiencing the original oriental gardens from his beloved books.

Dave has developed a unique landscape design style that is instantly recognisable as his own and stands out from the crowd. Dave’s signature garden designs use Japan design principles fused with modern, contemporary garden designs and materials. His style is most notably linked to the Japanese aesthetic, however he has put his own twist on this ancient garden design style and often uses Australian native plants in his Sydney gardens.

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