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Ballast Point Park Sydney

Ballast Point Park is one of my favourite gardens in Sydney. I love the interesting landscape design work here incorporating a wide range of landscape elements to create an interesting, iconic Australian garden design.

ballast point park landscape designThis park located in Birchgrove (balmain) in inner west Sydney boast some of the best views of sydney harbour and the harbour bridge. The site is a historic maritime site used mainly as a quarry of shipping ballast for ships until reclaimed by leichhardt council in 2002. The council then set about turning the historic site into a public park. The park was designed by landscape designer – McGregor Coxall

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The landscape offers up a wide range of australian native garden design elements using Australian native and sydney native plants, natural structural elements such as the local sydney sandstone in blocks for steps and seating and also a feature sandstone boulders set amongst crushed granite sand.

The landscaper designer has cleverly create a garden that is obviously designed and structured, but at the same time has a soft flow and organic forms mixed within the overall design layout.

ballast point park crushed granite seating design sydney  recycled sleepers dry creek ballast park sydney garden design  feature gum tree sandstone boulders crushed granite sydney  pathway sydney timber concrete  sydney landscape ballast point park birchgrove  informal sand pit garden design kids garden

I love the use of the above elements in the garden namely; recycled railway sleepers, curved garden edging, dry river bed and rock garden with native grasses and plants, large areas of crushed granite (decomposed granite/deco), feature native gum trees, large random sandstone boulders, timber pathways and concrete, informal plantings and unstructured kids play elements such as the sandpit above within the garden.

We have used the Ballast Point Park as inspiration for several of our gardens including the below – Modern Native Garden Design Sydney

modern australian native gardenPeaceful Landscapes offers landscape design and construction including Australian naive garden design Sydney.